Edward & Sons Corn-free products

6 Aug

Edward & Sons Corn-free products

Thanks for listing your corn-free products, Edward & Sons!

Hello world!

6 Aug

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Image 25 Apr

Eating this has been bringing back some childhood memories. Thanks Land O Lakes. Only stuff in it: cream, sugar, canola oil, water, cinnamon, salt, citric acid. What a fabulous find.


I was about to eat my delicious ruffles simply natural chips in their beautiful new packaging when I decided to take a look at fritolay and what they have been up to. To my amazement they now have a part of their site dedicated to products they produce that do not contain corn. They recognize the allergy. Thank-you!!!! This is the first of manufactures I have seen do this. Hopefully more follow soon!!!

25 Feb

Major breakthrough in corn product awareness

Food Allergies and Arthritis

29 Jan

So, I’ve been talking about food allergies and arthritis for a few years now. When i was in high school, before finding out about my food allergies, I had many problems that doctors could not diagnose or even give me proper medication for. Medication they did give me never seemed to fix the problems. Since I have found out about my food allergies, I no longer have any of these problems, which included: Migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint aches, and back problems which resulted from no causing activities.

Normal and Arthritic Joints

The past few weeks I’ve been talking a lot with my Grandma who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and polymyalgia. She is now hearing info about giant cell arteritis.

Giant cell arteritis frequently causes headaches, jaw pain, and blurred or double vision. Blindness and, less often, stroke are the most serious complications of giant cell arteritis. Prompt treatment with corticosteroid medications usually relieves symptoms of giant cell arteritis and may prevent loss of vision. You’ll likely begin to feel better within days of starting your treatment. -

Anyways, this leads me to my point that I have found some interesting information on Food Allergies and arthritis. I am an example of food allergies causing many other health problems for me and have talked with my grandma about this possibility, also. Here is a pretty good website I found on this idea that I would like to share.

Maybe someday soon our doctors will start looking more at our food intake instead of just prescribing the latest fashions in medications? This is one of my hopes. 🙂

Image 13 Dec

This is not too bad. Best toasted. I’ve been eating it the past two days and have not had any reactions. I was concerned about the ingredients methylcellulose, glucono delta lactone, and it has some juice from concentrate. I don’t remember what those ingredient mean and decided to not look them up n just take a risk- something i ratrly do. So far so good. It was great to eat a sandwich again.

Image 12 Nov

This pizza sauce is amazing! Made in Sheridan, in.

Image 16 Oct

Ok let’s hope I don’t have an adverse reaction to taking these. Because of my food allergies I have become very deficient in both vitamin d and b12. I read somewhere that there are known cases

of anaphylactic reaction to b12, but that may just be the b12 shots. Then 2 months from now I’m getting retested to see where the levels are and if I have a vitamin absorption problem.

urban spoon

5 Oct

A website that I enjoy using to try to find new restaurants, that i could possibly eat at, is called urban spoon. They have specialty options, which restaurants can be “tagged” as, like vegan, gluten-free, and so on. I wrote to them today suggesting that they create a new tag called “allergy aware.”

This way when people with food allergies eat at a restaurant they can share with others that they had success eating there. Example as to why: I have been looking for restaurants tagged with “gluten-free” then trying them out to see if they can accommodate preparing food for people with food allergies.

I also sent them this link to help explain why this is beneficial.

We will see what becomes of this!

I got a response the next day saying thanks and that they will put it in the “things to add in the future” list. Pretty cool that i got a next day response.

Delayed Reactions to Food

2 Aug

Many of the same foods that are known to cause immediate hypersensitivities in a small number of people, have been implicated as a cause of delayed or “masked” food allergies in much larger numbers of individuals. Delayed food hypersensitivity reactions are believed to affect millions of people; some physicians have suggested that as many as 60% of all Americans suffer from masked food allergies.

These reactions may be responsible for a variety of symptoms including dark circles or puffiness under the eyes, fluid retention, dermatitis, sinus congestion, fatigue, abdominal pain or discomfort, joint inflammation, mood swings, indigestion, headaches, chronic ear infections, asthma, poor memory, anxiety and depression.

As the name suggests, delayed hypersensitivities do not appear immediately after consuming a particular food. In fact, in most cases the immune response is so delayed that it is difficult to determine which food is causing the symptoms, and many people are unaware that they are sensitive to certain foods.